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​Purchasing a Lifetime Membership upfront for a One-Time fee of $660.00 gives you an automatic 33% off the Monthly Membership Fee. 

​Your Account will Always remain active, and you will never miss inclusion as a Linked-Beneficiary in any of our 30 Monthly Grand Rites.

​*Lifetime Members also receive an additional 20% Discount on any services purchased at

Four Thrones - Lifetime Membership:  (U.S. Residents)

​$660 + $10 ​Tracked Shipping of Consecration Materials

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Welcome to our Four Thrones Registration Page. 

This is the temporary landing page until the end of 2017.

​Four Thrones - Monthly ​Membership:

​By Subscribing below, your Monthly Membership Fee of $33.00 will be automatically charged to your PayPal acct. on a recurring monthly basis until inclusion as a Linked-Beneficiary in all 30 Monthly Grand Rites is complete.

**After signing up, a PayPal invoice will be sent to you via the email address you provide, for a One-Time Tracked-Shipping fee to cover mailing out the consecration materials to get you started. 

We are using *PayPal as our primary payment medium.  *If you are experiencing technical difficulties, have any questions, or need to arrange an alternate method of payment, please contact us directly: 


General Membership with Four Thrones is a flat rate of

$33.00 on a recurring monthly basis.

Four Thrones - Lifetime Membership​:  (Non - U.S. Residents)

​$660 + $40 ​Tracked International Shipping of Consecration Materials

**THIS IS THE PAGE to Register and establish secure Payment with Four Thrones.   *You may either:

-Pay through the PayPal "Subscribe" link on this page to begin a Monthly Membership. 


​-Purchase a Four Thrones - Lifetime Membership

upfront, at a Discount of 1/3rd off of the total price for inclusion as a Linked-Beneficiary in All 30 Monthly Grand Rites.

**After securing payment for Membership, please email with your preferred email contact.  Please also be sure to include your First and Last name, as well as a correct shipping address... so that we can promptly mail you the consecration materials and information needed to establish You as an on-going Linked Beneficiary in our Monthly Rituals.